Question of the Week:
Need Laboratory Results?

Question of the week We can only provide results by three methods:

1. Fax
2. LabLink+
3. eSite Access

Results cannot be provided by other means, such as email, text or pictures. Generally, studies are set up to provide results by one or more of the above listed methods according to the sponsor request.  For more information, call Investigator Support.  For your regions Investigator Support contact number,   reference section 6 of your Investigator Manual.

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US Labor Day Holiday Reminder

labor-day-star-1Please note that the US Labor Day holiday falls on Monday, September 5. Please avoid sample collections on Saturday, September 3, to ensure specimens will be received at Covance Central Laboratory in Indianapolis within the established stability period,

Couriers may reserve the right to observe earlier than usual pick-up times during the holiday.  Please call your local courier to obtain holiday pick-up schedules.

Send frozen specimens on the next available business day.  DO NOT collect specimens with short stabilities (e.g. Lymphocyte Subsets, Reticulocyte Counts, etc.) on the days prior to the holiday.

If you have any questions regarding the collection or shipment of specimens, please consult Covance Investigator Support at (866) 762-6209.

Question of the Week:
What to do when
receiving a Panic lab result

Question of the week
Did you receive a fax or voicemail concerning a High Panic or Low Panic lab value?

Please respond to your local Investigator Support team as soon as possible to confirm receipt of that lab value.  Failure to do so can result in an escalation to the sponsor.  Investigator Support can be reached by phone, email and fax.

The phone number and fax numbers are located in Section 6 of your Covance Lab Manual.Exclamation Mark
The email addresses are as follows:
The Americas:
Europe, Middle East and Africa:
Asia Pac:


Do you use your lab manual?

generic lab manualIf you don’t, you should definitely take a look, because you’re missing out on an abundance of information!

Here are a few examples of what you can find inside:  Covance contact numbers, protocol and project number, holiday schedules, specimen collection instructions, blank requisitions, result reference ranges and much more!

Packaging Frozen Samples

As the heat of summer is upon us, it is an opportune time to review the steps necessary to prepare frozen samples for shipment.

Covance has created the attached video to ensure that you are equipped to prepare frozen samples for shipment to Covance.  It is critical that these steps be followed so that frozen samples remain frozen during the transit to Covance.  If the samples thaw, they may not be stable for analysis, leading to possible lost data.

Please review this video for valuable tips.

US July 4 Shipping Reminder

july 4This is a friendly reminder that the US will be celebrating our Independence Day on July 4. Please avoid shipping sample collections on Saturday, July 2. Shipments made on July 2 will not be delivered to Covance until Tuesday, July 5. If you must ship on July 2 a premium courier will need to be arranged and sponsor approval will be necessary for the additional expense.

Question of the Week:
Are new reports sent
following a data revision?

Question of the weekIf a data revision has been requested for a change of collection date, time, weight, visit, etc., the request may take up to 10 business days.

Once the change is complete, sites will be notified by fax. A new report will not be sent. If a new report is needed, please call Covance at the number listed for your region in section 6 of the laboratory manual.

Question of the Week:
Can I change my kit order
once it’s placed?

kit pic for blog

Question of the weekUnfortunately, no; we cannot modify existing orders.  Your order will have to be cancelled and a new one placed.   This also applies to timelines.  If you placed an order with standard turn around times and now need it sooner the original order will have to be cancelled and a new one placed with expedited timelines.