How to Reset
Your eSite Password

There is a “forgot my password” link on the eSite login page.

 eSite password reset 3If that doesn’t work, call your local Investigator Support team, they will be more than happy to assist you.



Did you know your kits expire?

expiredkitsPlease check kit expiration dates before using them.  Some tubes used for sample collection have expiration dates. These dates are defined by the tube manufacturers.

To ensure the validity of the tubes contained in the collection kit, expiration dates are printed on the outside of the kit box. The expiration date of each kit corresponds to the shortest expiration date of the tube(s) within the kit.

Please do not collect specimens in expired containers! Specimens received in an expired container which includes an additive will be canceled as: “Sample drawn in expired tube: Testing not performed.”

If you have expired tubes please use the online web tool at or call Covance Central Laboratory Services to have these kits replaced and your inventory updated. Note: Using the online tool is the preferred method for tracking purposes.



Lab reports:
Understanding the Process

There were a number of comments in the 2016 Site Survey around lab reports, specifically around the number of pages sent and securing PI signatures.  We thought it might help to explain the process.

Covance Central Laboratory will provide lab reports as soon as possible upon test completion.  All tests have their own turnaround time – some may result and report faster than others. This is why sites may receive multiple lab reports for a single visit.  We don’t want you to have to wait for patient safety results while a test that requires more work is being processed.

Other comments from the survey focused on securing PI signatures on each page of the lab reports.  This is actually a sponsor requirement and not a Covance one.

Covance is transitioning to a web-based tool (eSite Access) for delivery of study-related information, including lab results, please look for more information to come as this is not yet available for all sponsors or sites.


2017 Holiday Shipping Guidelines

At Covance, we know you are busy! To simplify, we are reducing the amount of communications you receive from us regarding holiday reminders.

We will no longer be sending out multiple communications throughout the year. Everything you need to navigate the global holiday season is conveniently located in the links below.




Remember – All Holiday reminders are available on the Covance website:

How to Acknowledge
an Alert Notice

Exclamation PointDid you receive a fax or voicemail concerning a High Panic or Low Panic lab value?

Please respond as soon as possible to confirm receipt of that lab value, as failure to do so can result in an escalation to the sponsor. Remember, Investigator Support can be reached by phone, email and fax.

The phone number and fax numbers are located in your Covance Lab Manual.

The email addresses are as follows;