Hurricane Irma Preparations

Covance Central Laboratory Services Logistics would like to provide the following information regarding potential courier service delays due to Hurricane Irma.

Investigator Sites in Florida can expect to experience unavoidable service delays by your courier, based on the current or anticipated severe weather in your area. Although contingency plans are in place, some disruption in pickup or delivery service is anticipated by all couriers in Florida.

If your site is located in the impacted area, sample collections should be avoided if at all possible. Contact your normal courier prior to sample collection to confirm if pickup is available in your area.

If you have already drawn samples and your courier is unable to provide sample pickup, please maintain your specimens at the designated transport temperature until the next available pickup. Maintain ambient samples at ambient temperature, frozen samples in a frozen state in a freezer or on dry ice, refrigerated samples should be kept refrigerated.

Couriers will resume normal service schedules as soon as the situation allows. You can obtain further courier service weather updates by visiting your courier’s websites ( or

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Covance Investigator Support at 866-762-6209.



Timelines for Data Revisions

If a data revision has been requested for change of collection date, time, weight, visit, etc., the request may take up to 8 to 10 business days. hourglass

Once the change is complete, a fax will be sent to the site reporting the change has been made. A new report will not be sent. If a new report is needed please call Covance at the number listed for your area in the Contacts’ section of the laboratory manual.


New Investigator Website
Provides One-Stop Shopping

new Invetigator webpage image for blogThere is a new and improved website just for you!  The new Investigator Services website is up and running and contains numerous resources for investigator sites.

We gathered all the resources that sites might want and listed them so you could easily find what you needed on one page.   What’s available:  Everything from training videos, to centrifuge instructions, to contact numbers and much more.

Go to  to see the new page and bookmark it or add it to your favorites so you will have easy access to these resources.

Laboratory Certifications

Covance Central Laboratory Services would like to remind sites that Laboratory Certifications are updated periodically, and are always available via the following link:

These certifications are only updated in the investigator manual once per year during an annual Standard Page Update period.  The link currently listed in the investigator manual is no longer in operation.

​Please use the link above for all current lab certifications.

How to Avoid Cancelled Orders

After placing your online kit order through our website, please make sure you receive an order confirmation email; this means that your order has been successfully submitted.

Additionally, regularly check your inbox for potential queries from our Kit Inventory Department who will contact you if your order contains incorrect information (i.e. wrong protocol or site number). See example below.

If the query is not answered within 24 hours for expedited / 48 hours for standard, your order will be cancelled.

insite blog pic 26 Jul

How to Reset
Your eSite Password

There is a “forgot my password” link on the eSite login page.

 eSite password reset 3If that doesn’t work, call your local Investigator Support team, they will be more than happy to assist you.



Lab reports:
Understanding the Process

There were a number of comments in the 2016 Site Survey around lab reports, specifically around the number of pages sent and securing PI signatures.  We thought it might help to explain the process.

Covance Central Laboratory will provide lab reports as soon as possible upon test completion.  All tests have their own turnaround time – some may result and report faster than others. This is why sites may receive multiple lab reports for a single visit.  We don’t want you to have to wait for patient safety results while a test that requires more work is being processed.

Other comments from the survey focused on securing PI signatures on each page of the lab reports.  This is actually a sponsor requirement and not a Covance one.

Covance is transitioning to a web-based tool (eSite Access) for delivery of study-related information, including lab results, please look for more information to come as this is not yet available for all sponsors or sites.