Investigator Site Survey
Coming Soon

survey clip artLove working with Covance? Have suggestions for improvements? Share your thoughts on the upcoming Investigator Site Survey coming later this year. This short survey will ask you to provide feedback on a variety of services from kit production to Investigator Training to Site Communications.

The surveys are anonymous and provide you with a quick way to tell us what we are doing well or where we might need to improve. Your comments are important. In fact, changes to the new lab manual, are a direct result of feedback we got from the 2015 site survey.

The survey is short and should take less than five minutes to complete. Keep an eye out for the survey coming in the coming months. It will be emailed to all Investigator Sites.

New Look for Phone Alerts

We wanted to let sites know that the Phone Alert Faxes have a new, cleaner look.  The Phone Alert Faxes are only sent to sites when Covance Site Support cannot reach you by phone.   We hope the new look is easier to read and comprehend.

Permanent Replacement of the
Gold-Topped 2.5mL
Serum Separator Tube

NOTE: This notification is generic in nature.  This information notice does not necessarily mean that your Covance CLS supply orders contain 2.5mL serum separator tube(s).

Covance Central Laboratory Services would like to inform sites of a permanent tube replacement within our collection kits.

The gold-topped BD brand 2.5mL serum separator tube is being permanently replaced with the red-topped Greiner brand 2.5mL serum separator tube effective 09 November 2015.  Continue reading

LGVH Tube Modification

Covance Central Laboratory Services would like to make sites aware of a slight product modification to the BD LGVH Vacutainer.

The container code, catalog number and product description have not changed. The only change is that the new tube has a ribbed body design to provide a better grip and a dome top which may offer a better angle for needle entry.  The holder threads remain the same.  Additionally, the new tubes are produced using 20% less material.

Old LGVH                   New LGVH


Sites should continue to use any old holders they have on hand and begin using the new holders once they are received.

US July 4 Shipping Reminder

July 4 clipartThis is a friendly reminder that the US will be celebrating our Independence Day on July 4.  Please avoid shipping on Friday, July 3.  Shipments made on July 3 will not be delivered to Covance until Monday July 6.  If you must ship on July 3 a premium courier will need to be arranged and sponsor approval will be necessary for the additional expense.

New Format, Frequency for InSite

Blog imageWelcome to the new Investigator Blog, InSite.  This replaces our quarterly newsletter with the same name.  This change was made to share relevant and interesting communication with sites more frequently.   The InSite blog will be updated monthly with eLearnings, employee profiles and articles about clinical research and laboratory best practices.

We look forward to communicating with you more often and providing helpful information, practical tips and some fun, lighthearted pieces.  As always, your comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

Please bookmark this link or save it to your favorites so you can check in with us frequently to see what is new.

Investigator Training Ensures Everyone is on the Same Page

TrainingCovance’s Investigator Training department is a global group of professional speakers who conduct face-to-face meetings or remote trainings to help sites master and comprehend all the details in the Laboratory Manual.

Think of them like your very own tutor – helping you maneuver the ins and outs of a study. They can provide eLearnings or even come to a site to train staff directly.

“We make sure everyone is on the same page for the study,” said Senior Investigator Trainer, Dalia. “It’s important that everyone knows how to collect a sample the same way. It makes for more reliable data.”
Continue reading

Accession Number Format Change

accession-changeCovance CLS recently upgraded our study set up, data warehouse, and laboratory information management system (LIMS) which resulted in updates being made to our accession and container number format.

The accession number, located near the barcode on all collection kits, specimen containers, and requisitions, changed from the current alpha-numeric format to a 10-digit numeric format for accession numbers and up to 12 digits for the container number.

The accession number links all the components of the kit to the site, sponsor and protocol. The accession number is scanned upon arrival at Covance and prepopulates the visit and protocol associated with that kit. Continue reading

Geneva Lab earns ISO 15189 Accreditation

handshake200x266Congratulations to our Covance Central Laboratory Services SA, in Geneva Switzerland for being the first of our laboratories to receive their ISO 15189 accreditation. The accreditation is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 15189 Standard for laboratories’ technical competence, management, and continual improvement. It focuses on improved patient safety and risk reduction, outlining standards for quality, and competence particular to medical laboratories.

CAP 15189 is voluntary, non-regulatory accreditation program to the ISO 15189 Standard as published by ISO. The program does not replace the CAP’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-based Laboratory Accreditation Program, but complements CAP accreditation and other quality systems. The program optimizes processes to improve patient care and strengthens quality standards while managing to reduce institutional errors and risks. Continue reading