Question of the Week:
Do I Order Reflex Testing?

Question of the weekA specific criteria needs to be met in order for reflex testing to be ordered. If the criterion is met, the testing happens automatically. If the criterion is not met, the testing is not performed.  A common example is the Beta hCG test.  If the answer to the administrative question “is female patient of childbearing potential?” is marked yes, the Beta hCG would reflex and the testing would be performed.  If the answer is marked as no, the testing would not be run since the criterion was not met.

Question of the Week:
Auto Resupply

Question of the weekSome studies, but not all, will have auto resupply.  In order to trigger this service, sites need to notify Covance when you have an expired or damaged kit.  It is important to keep your kit inventory updated in order to have auto resupply orders trigger properly. You can notify us about your kit inventory via the kit order website:  Please fill out the required fields and write the kit name and inventory number under the comments section.

Question of the Week:
What are Blank or Bar Reqs?

Question of the week

Did you know there are blank requisitions included in your laboratory manual? They are frequently called Bar Reqs and are located toward the middle to end of your laboratory manual.





As you can see in the example below, a Bar Req is missing an Accession No.inSite Blog Picture for 14OCT2016

These can be used as a reference, replacement requisition, or included when building a kit using your own supplies.  Remember to photocopy the blank requisition before using it to ensure your original stays intact.

If you have questions about the use of a blank requisition, contact Investigator Support at the number listed for your region in the Holidays and Contact section of the laboratory manual.

Question of the Week:
Schedule of Visits

Question of the week

Did you know that your lab manual includes a protocol specific Visit Schedule?

              Visit Test Schedule
The schedule of visits will show you the sequence of visits, when the visit should occur, and what testing is performed at each visit. The schedule will also show you what testing is required (X) and what testing is optional (O).  Please refer to the Visit Schedule if you are ever unsure of what visit you need to complete next.

Question of the Week:
Need Laboratory Results?

Question of the week We can only provide results by three methods:

1. Fax
2. LabLink+
3. eSite Access

Results cannot be provided by other means, such as email, text or pictures. Generally, studies are set up to provide results by one or more of the above listed methods according to the sponsor request.  For more information, call Investigator Support.  For your regions Investigator Support contact number,   reference section 6 of your Investigator Manual.

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Question of the Week:
What to do when
receiving a Panic lab result

Question of the week
Did you receive a fax or voicemail concerning a High Panic or Low Panic lab value?

Please respond to your local Investigator Support team as soon as possible to confirm receipt of that lab value.  Failure to do so can result in an escalation to the sponsor.  Investigator Support can be reached by phone, email and fax.

The phone number and fax numbers are located in Section 6 of your Covance Lab Manual.Exclamation Mark
The email addresses are as follows:
The Americas:
Europe, Middle East and Africa:
Asia Pac:


Question of the Week:
Are new reports sent
following a data revision?

Question of the weekIf a data revision has been requested for a change of collection date, time, weight, visit, etc., the request may take up to 10 business days.

Once the change is complete, sites will be notified by fax. A new report will not be sent. If a new report is needed, please call Covance at the number listed for your region in section 6 of the laboratory manual.