Question of the Week:
Auto Resupply

Question of the weekSome studies, but not all, will have auto resupply.  In order to trigger this service, sites need to notify Covance when you have an expired or damaged kit.  It is important to keep your kit inventory updated in order to have auto resupply orders trigger properly. You can notify us about your kit inventory via the kit order website:  Please fill out the required fields and write the kit name and inventory number under the comments section.

Question of the Week:
Can I change my kit order
once it’s placed?

kit pic for blog

Question of the weekUnfortunately, no; we cannot modify existing orders.  Your order will have to be cancelled and a new one placed.   This also applies to timelines.  If you placed an order with standard turn around times and now need it sooner the original order will have to be cancelled and a new one placed with expedited timelines.

Question of the Week…
Kit Inventory

Question of the weekA new feature of the Covance Investigator Blog, “Question of the Week” captures the most asked questions of our global Investigator Services department.

The posts are short and quickly provide a tip or clarify a question frequently asked by investigator sites.

Each week will feature a new question/answer so please be sure and check the site often.  The first post is listed below.

Kit Inventory
Is your Kit Inventory running low? Are your kits expired?   Make sure to update your inventory online at\kitordering or by calling the contact number for your region listed in section 6 of the Covance Laboratory Manual.

kit inventory



Guidelines for Online Kit Ordering

online orderingThis is a reminder to sites to order kits at least 11 days before you will need them.  Please note that orders placed via the Covance Resupply Website:  are not necessarily processed the same day they are placed.

Once you receive a confirmation email that your order has been received, please allow 9-11 business days for your order to be delivered.  Continue reading

Don’t Get Caught With Expired Kits

expiredkitsTo ensure an adequate supply of collection kits and to prevent the use of expired collection kits, sites should routinely complete the following steps:

Monitor the expiration dates of the lab kits at your site.
Covance does not perform testing on samples received in expired containers and receipt of any sample in an expired container will trigger a test cancellation resulting in the loss of critical data. Continue reading