LGVH Tube Modification

Covance Central Laboratory Services would like to make sites aware of a slight product modification to the BD LGVH Vacutainer.

The container code, catalog number and product description have not changed. The only change is that the new tube has a ribbed body design to provide a better grip and a dome top which may offer a better angle for needle entry.  The holder threads remain the same.  Additionally, the new tubes are produced using 20% less material.

Old LGVH                   New LGVH


Sites should continue to use any old holders they have on hand and begin using the new holders once they are received.

Online Kit Ordering
 is the Best Practice

Aug calendar pictCovance’s web kit ordering tool (http://www.covance.com/kitordering) is the quickest and best way for sites to order supplies.  This tool was implemented several years ago but some sites are still sending in requests via email.

Beginning August 1, orders submitted by email will no longer be processed and sites will be directed to the web tool to place their order.

Prior to August 1, orders submitted by email will still be processed but sites will be reminded that this practice is ending August 1.

As a reminder to sites, kits and supplies can be ordered online at http://www.covance.com/kitordering.  Please utilize this site for all current and future orders.

Guidelines for Online Kit Ordering

online orderingThis is a reminder to sites to order kits at least 11 days before you will need them.  Please note that orders placed via the Covance Resupply Website:  http://www.covance.com/kitordering  are not necessarily processed the same day they are placed.

Once you receive a confirmation email that your order has been received, please allow 9-11 business days for your order to be delivered.  Continue reading

Regulatory Compliant Shipping – What Sites Need to Know

With so many agencies regulating the medical aspects of a clinical trial it is easy to forget the transport regulations.  USDOT, ICAO, and IATA also have rules and regulations that must be followed when shipping your samples to the lab for testing.

The packaging provided by Covance is fully regulatory compliant if used properly.  Ambient samples classified as Biological Substances Category B must be packed in a triple barrier packaging system that consists of the tube, specimen collection bag, and a rigid outer box. Continue reading