Global Team Excels
at Tracking Shipments

global shippingOn any given day, more than 7000 shipments of samples and kits travel around the world between investigator sites and a Covance Central Laboratory or to a third party lab. Tracking those shipments and making sure they arrive safely— and for samples, within stability—is the responsibility of Covance’s logistics department.

The employees in this department are located around the world and are dedicated to tracking all shipments including kits and samples. Continue reading

Reference Ranges
Alerts and Flags

Reference ranges are important criteria to evaluating your patient’s laboratory results.  Covance provides reference ranges that are age and gender specific and represent a heterogeneous clinical trials patient population.   Covance uses a series of flags to represent the meaning of a patient’s test results which fall outside of the reference range.

flags and alerts chart 5

If a patient’s value triggers a flag, it will print on the laboratory report.  Your sponsor may request additional flags.  These will also print on the laboratory report.
In order to ensure timely assessment of patient care, regulations require immediate reporting of laboratory values with potentially critical implications for the patient.  For all HP and LP flags, Covance calls the investigator site and requires a live voice to receive these values and read back.  Notification of other flags are determined by the sponsor of the protocol.