Investigator Site Survey
Coming Soon!

survey clip artLove working with Covance? Have suggestions for improvements?  Save all those thoughts for the upcoming Investigator Site Survey coming soon.  This short survey (only 8 questions) will ask you to provide feedback on a variety of services from kit production to Investigator Training to Site Communications.

The surveys are anonymous and provide you with a quick way to tell us what we are doing well or where we might need to improve.  The survey is short, translated into nine languages and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Keep an eye out for the survey coming this month. It will be emailed to all Investigator Sites.

What is Hemolysis and
Why is it Important?

red blood cellHemolysis is defined as the alteration, dissolution or destruction of red blood cell membranes in such a manner that hemoglobin is freed into the medium in which the cells are suspended.  Hemolysis can be caused by antibodies, toxins, chemicals or physical stress from dilution, extremes of pressure, or shear forces or temperature during phlebotomy or preparation of serum.  Even time can cause hemolysis, through the exhaustion of available glucose, which is necessary to maintain the fluidity and stability of the cell membranes. Continue reading


dry iceTo ensure consistency across Covance departments, the next day dry ice order deadline has been changed for US sites from 3:45 PM to 3 PM Eastern Standard Time.  This includes web and phone orders.
If the order is placed either online ( or by phone (866-762-6209) BY 3 PM EST the dry ice orders will be available the next day.
Remember there are benefits to ordering dry ice online:  you get immediate confirmation that your order was placed as well as a tracking number.