Lab reports:
Understanding the Process

There were a number of comments in the 2016 Site Survey around lab reports, specifically around the number of pages sent and securing PI signatures.  We thought it might help to explain the process.

Covance Central Laboratory will provide lab reports as soon as possible upon test completion.  All tests have their own turnaround time – some may result and report faster than others. This is why sites may receive multiple lab reports for a single visit.  We don’t want you to have to wait for patient safety results while a test that requires more work is being processed.

Other comments from the survey focused on securing PI signatures on each page of the lab reports.  This is actually a sponsor requirement and not a Covance one.

Covance is transitioning to a web-based tool (eSite Access) for delivery of study-related information, including lab results, please look for more information to come as this is not yet available for all sponsors or sites.