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 eSite password reset 3If that doesn’t work, call your local Investigator Support team, they will be more than happy to assist you.



Did you know your kits expire?

expiredkitsPlease check kit expiration dates before using them.  Some tubes used for sample collection have expiration dates. These dates are defined by the tube manufacturers.

To ensure the validity of the tubes contained in the collection kit, expiration dates are printed on the outside of the kit box. The expiration date of each kit corresponds to the shortest expiration date of the tube(s) within the kit.

Please do not collect specimens in expired containers! Specimens received in an expired container which includes an additive will be canceled as: “Sample drawn in expired tube: Testing not performed.”

If you have expired tubes please use the online web tool at or call Covance Central Laboratory Services to have these kits replaced and your inventory updated. Note: Using the online tool is the preferred method for tracking purposes.