The Importance
of a Project Number

A project number is another way to identify your Covance protocol. This information is particularly useful when ordering kits and supplies as it identifies which arm/phase/branch/region applies to your study.  Project numbers are six-digits long and can be found on the cover of your Covance Laboratory Manual and on every requisition in the left, lower corner.


Centrifuge Success

Centrifuge picCovance Central Laboratory Services recommends centrifuging specimens at 1500-2000g for 15 minutes. Failure to follow this suggestion could result in hemolysis, fragmentation of platelets, formation of microclots/clots, variability in results and an increased number of cancelations.

Should you need to make changes to this recommendation, please contact the study Sponsor in case of possible negative impacts in study data.


Packaging and Shipping
Instruction Videos Available

We’ve created a series of videos and guides to demonstrate how to properly package and ship your specimens to Covance for testing. The brief videos cover ambient, refrigerated, frozen, and combo sample packaging as well as how to use our gel packs.

Please go to:

packaging video image