Avoid Dangerous Packaging:
Don’t Send Sharps to Covance

You may not be aware that needles and/or Diff-Safe® devices either used or not, should never be returned to Covance.  They pose a very real safety risk not only for Covance staff but to courier staff as well.  Please ensure that your staff is aware of this and remind them of the dangers of returning sharps to Covance.

Needles (whether covered or not) and Diff-Safe® devices should always be disposed of at your site in an approved Biohazard Infectious Waste Sharps Container.

In addition to the safety risk, data can be lost if the tubes are shipped with the
Diff-Safe® device still inserted in the tube.  If the sample is shipped with the Diff-Safe® device still intact, blood may spill into the specimen collection bag during transit, rendering the sample useless for analysis.  For your convenience, Diff-Safe® device safety tips are included here:

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