Ship Samples with the Same Accession Numbers Together

Do any of you spend 10 minutes figuring out how to get one more plate in your dishwasher or do you juggle six grocery bags, a purse/backpack and a phone just so you don’t have to make one more trip to the car?

We all like to maximize our efforts but when it comes to shipping kits back to Covance we really need Investigator Sites to take the extra time to keep samples with the same accession numbers together.

Anisha, Work Flow Lead, for Lab Pre Analytical Services said, “Sites can consolidate multiple kits in a shipment but they should keep the same accession numbers together.”

In other words, don’t batch by type of sample container– batch by accession number.

“All samples belonging to a specific accession number should be in the same bag,” Anisha said.

accession article picThis is the incorrect way to ship samples because they are sorted by container type rather than accession number.


correct way to send samples inThis is the correct way to ship samples. They are sorted by accession number.




The accession number links all the components of the kit to the site, sponsor and protocol. A kit becomes patient-specific only when used. The accession number is scanned upon arrival at Covance and prepopulates the visit and protocol associated with that kit.   When samples are not sorted correctly it takes time to identify and isolate them by accession number. This can cause delays or even holds.

To avoid this, keep samples with the same accession number together when shipping them back to Covance. By doing this, samples will be processed more efficiently and laboratory results sent to your site quicker.