Covance Award Winner Drives Quality, Service to Sites

anish photoAnisha, Work Flow Lead, began her career with Covance opening samples as they came in from the sites.  She quickly proved herself a natural leader, and in fact, was one of the winners of the prestigious Covance Way Award in 2014.  This internal award recognizes 1 percent of the top performers in each business unit of the company.  After only three years with the company, Anisha was nominated for this award by six people from four different departments.

In addition to overseeing the workflow of the department,  Anisha makes sure all training is up to date and is in charge of all quality metrics.  She also gets to use her people skills by leading all internal and external tours through the department.

“I like the face-to-face interaction I have with our internal and external customers,” she said.

Anisha was born in Canada and can speak Gujarati which is the native language of Gujarat, India.  She can understand a little French but stresses she is not fluent.
When she isn’t at work she can be found trying out a new restaurant or traveling.

“I love to try new restaurants.  I would rather spend money on a nice meal than on clothing. I view it as a new experience,” she said.

As an admitted foodie, she says she loves to cook and if she had to pick some favorite types of food she said she would always have to have seafood in her diet as well as Vietnamese and Thai food in addition to Indian food.

She has traveled to India, England, France, Croatia, Mexico, Canada and Australia.  This year she has plans to go to Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

When asked what she would like to say to sites she said, “Realize that the person receiving the sample or requisition may not have the same knowledge base as the person completing them.  Clear instructions are best.  We are always trying to process samples to the best of our abilities.”