The Mysterious Covance Cancellation Report

As an Investigator Site using Covance as your Central Laboratory, it is likely that you have received a Cancellation Report. cancelled5

A Cancellation Report is delivered by auto fax when a test has been cancelled. At one time, Investigator Sites were notified of a test cancellation through a phone call. Now, the only test cancellations sites will receive by phone are those associated with Anatomical Pathology testing.

Often times, test cancellations occur because an incorrect collection date was entered on the requisition form accompanying samples to Covance. If an incorrect collection date is entered testing might be cancelled as “Out of Stability.”

Stability is calculated based on the time of collection and the time of receipt in the laboratory. For this reason, it is critical to review the Cancellation Report immediately and notify Covance if the collection date is incorrect.

Testing can be salvaged, IF the collection date can be quickly changed and the sample is in reality still stable.

While “Out of Stability” is one common test cancellation, there are other conditions that may result in cancelled testing. Please visit our blog in the future to learn about these additional cancellations.