Accession Number Format Change

accession-changeCovance CLS recently upgraded our study set up, data warehouse, and laboratory information management system (LIMS) which resulted in updates being made to our accession and container number format.

The accession number, located near the barcode on all collection kits, specimen containers, and requisitions, changed from the current alpha-numeric format to a 10-digit numeric format for accession numbers and up to 12 digits for the container number.

The accession number links all the components of the kit to the site, sponsor and protocol. The accession number is scanned upon arrival at Covance and prepopulates the visit and protocol associated with that kit.

What does that mean for you as an Investigator Site?

  1. Effective 01 Dec 2014, you will begin seeing the new accession number format with all collection kits supplied.
  2. Be sure your study staff is aware of the change in format. The accession number remains the link between the collection kit and your patient samples in our database, thus your reference to the patient visit. It just has a new look.
  3. Be aware for existing studies, you will have kits and lab reports with accession numbers in both the new and old formats.
  4. Please continue to utilize your current stock of collection kits. The Covance systems will recognize both formats.

REMINDER: As always, you should not mix tubes between kits!

Thank you for your attention to this change. Covance is committed to continually updating and improving our systems which we hope will benefit our investigator sites.