Panic Alerts Require Acknowledgement within………24 Hours

clock is ticking clip artWe know that our calls and emails regarding panic alerts can get annoying. But, did you know that Covance Central Laboratory Services is required by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) to communicate with sites within 24 hours of a panic alert being printed?

“We are obligated to call all numbers available to us – even on a Saturday,” said Investigator Support Supervisor, Heather.  “It’s a safety issue. These are lab values that are deemed critical.”

According to Heather, the clock starts ticking as soon as the lab reports are printed off of their printer.  “We have to receive either a verbal or email acknowledgment from the site within 24 hours of the report being printed.”

These lab values are determined by the sponsor and medical affairs experts.   They are established to ensure patient safety.

“We are obligated to contact all of the numbers listed for the site.  That includes fax numbers, emergency and Saturday contact numbers as well as beeper numbers,” Heather explained.

To help us reach your site as quickly as possible to confirm receipt of a panic alert, please return our calls and/or requests as soon as possible.  This is a CAP requirement.