Global Team Excels
at Tracking Shipments

global shippingOn any given day, more than 7000 shipments of samples and kits travel around the world between investigator sites and a Covance Central Laboratory or to a third party lab. Tracking those shipments and making sure they arrive safely— and for samples, within stability—is the responsibility of Covance’s logistics department.

The employees in this department are located around the world and are dedicated to tracking all shipments including kits and samples.

“We are responsible for any shipment outside of our lab doors,” said Dan, Americas Regional Logistics Manager.

Global Logistics works with approximately 20 couriers worldwide and the team is dedicated to providing the best service available at the most competitive cost.

“We customize solutions for our clients and investigator sites and work with all phases of Clinical Research Organizations from Phase 1 – Phase IV,” Dan said.

By accessing the couriers’ systems, Dan and his colleagues have visibility to Covance’s shipments all over the world.   They work behind the scenes to mitigate delays and also resolve holds and other courier issues.

Dan said, “We pre-plan contingencies with each courier including contingencies for weather, natural disasters and mechanical issues.  It makes our reaction time quicker.”

According to Dan, a preventable error that will stop a package from being transported is not following the dangerous goods regulations. In order to ensure that samples are delivered on-time he said to “package according to regulations so that shipments get to where they need to go and are not held.”

All Covance-provided packaging is pre-labeled as much as possible to help reduce errors.  Sites should use the appropriate package for the samples and temperature conditions being sent.

If there are questions regarding courier services, investigator sites should call Covance at 866-762-6209.

“Call us first.  We know the ins and outs of the courier systems and we’ll take care of any issue or question. It’s why we are here,” said Dan.

“Sites should focus on their patients and we’ll take care of your logistics needs.  You are the medical experts and we are the logistics experts,” he added.