Permanent Replacement of the
Gold-Topped 2.5mL
Serum Separator Tube

NOTE: This notification is generic in nature.  This information notice does not necessarily mean that your Covance CLS supply orders contain 2.5mL serum separator tube(s).

Covance Central Laboratory Services would like to inform sites of a permanent tube replacement within our collection kits.

The gold-topped BD brand 2.5mL serum separator tube is being permanently replaced with the red-topped Greiner brand 2.5mL serum separator tube effective 09 November 2015. 

There is no difference in quality or function of these tubes; the only change is the color of the tube cap. The BD tube cap is gold and the Greiner tube cap is red; both contain serum separator gel in the bottom of the tube (please see pictures below).

BD TubeGreiner Tube
Considering that the processing instructions for both tubes are identical, the reflection of this change within the investigator manual, laminated synopsis (if applicable), and requisitions for ongoing trials will be included as part of any future modifications to these documents.  Until these changes are reflected in the investigator manual, laminated synopsis (if applicable), and requisitions, please continue to follow the collection instructions previously provided for the 2.5mL gold-topped tube when utilizing the 2.5mL red-topped tube for collection and processing.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, please contact Covance Investigator Support at the toll-free number located in Section 6 of your laboratory manual.