New Order Notification System Streamlines Kit Orders, Shipments

kit-prodTo help sites manage and track kit orders and shipments, Covance CLS launched a new Investigator Order Notification service the end of September.

This new system allows Covance CLS to send email messages to sites to inform them about the status of their kit orders.

To ensure sites are getting these communications please make sure the email address on file is is updated and correct.

As a reminder, sites will receive an email notification at the following times:

  • Confirmation that an order has been created. This email provides a listing of the materials included in the order and the approximate date your site should expect delivery.
  • Confirmation that an order has been shipped from Covance. This email includes courier information that will allow tracking of the shipment.

If kits are sent to your site via an import broker, the shipment confirmation e-mail will not be sent to you; shipment details will be communicated from the broker.

In the event that an order is cancelled, a notification email will also be sent.

Please note, the Investigator Order Notification emails as well as other important Covance communications will arrive in your inbox from Covance CLS This is not a monitored email box so any questions should be directed to your local Covance Investigator Support Team.

Additionally, the notification system has been designed with an opt-out option, which will allow recipients to decline receipt of the emails if not wanted. If you do not wish to receive these email notifications in the future, please send an email to:

We hope the new Investigator Order Notifications provide sites better insight into kit orders and assist in the management of your kit inventory.