How to Update Your
Site’s Contact Information

update contact infoThank you for your participation in the recent Covance Site Survey.  Your feedback is important to us, and allows us to continually improve our services.  One topic that was raised during the survey was the time and effort required to update site contact information. Covance would like to offer the following guidance should you need to update, change or correct any site contact information.

Contact your regional Investigator Support Department (the number can be found in your Covance Central Laboratory Services Manual).  When calling, inform the representative if the changes affect a single protocol or multiple protocols.  If more than one protocol is affected, please have a complete list of protocols and the specific contact information (phone numbers, fax numbers, physical address, email addresses, Principle Investigator, Report Recipient and/or Supply Recipient) that must be changed.

By securing updated contact information for all protocols during one phone call, we hope to decrease the time you spend calling us and increase the accuracy of contact information we have on file.