Don’t Get Caught With Expired Kits

expiredkitsTo ensure an adequate supply of collection kits and to prevent the use of expired collection kits, sites should routinely complete the following steps:

Monitor the expiration dates of the lab kits at your site.
Covance does not perform testing on samples received in expired containers and receipt of any sample in an expired container will trigger a test cancellation resulting in the loss of critical data.

As detailed in the Covance laboratory manual, the lab kits have a minimum shelf life of 6 months from time of production. The expiration date of the kits can be monitored by referring to the physical kit in stock at your site. The expiration date can be found on the side of each kit box, as illustrated above.

This date refers to the tube within the kit that has the shortest expiration date. There may be many other components within the kit which are not expired.

Report the number of expired kits to Covance in a timely manner.
Reporting the number of expired kits to Covance is necessary to ensure proper adjustment of the usable kit inventory in our database. Accurate site inventory will help the auto resupply system work better for your site. Please note there is no auto resupply for sites in Ukraine or Russia due to customs constraints.

Report expired kits to Covance Central Laboratory Services using the web resupply form found at:

This is the same form used to place orders for all of your resupply needs.

Be prepared to place an order far enough in advance of a subject’s visit so that Covance has time to receive and process your order and then build and deliver the kits to you prior to the visit.

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