How to Acknowledge
an Alert Notice

Exclamation PointDid you receive a fax or voicemail concerning a High Panic or Low Panic lab value?

Please respond as soon as possible to confirm receipt of that lab value, as failure to do so can result in an escalation to the sponsor. Remember, Investigator Support can be reached by phone, email and fax.

The phone number and fax numbers are located in your Covance Lab Manual.

The email addresses are as follows;

Question of the Week:
QNS Cancellation

Question of the weekHave you received a cancellation report stating Quantity Not Sufficient?

This occurs when there is not enough sample volume available to test to obtain accurate, consistent results. Sites can avoid this by collecting the amount indicated in the protocol-specific collection instructions. For additional clarification, please contact your local Investigator Support Team at the number listed for your region in the laboratory manual

2017 Holiday Schedules Available

2017 imageThe 2017 global holiday schedule has been posted to  Please remember that local courier service (pickup and delivery) may be limited prior to, during and following observed holidays in the country to which you are shipping specimens.

It is imperative that you check local service schedules in advance of the holiday.

Holiday reminders, as well as contact information for various Covance Investigator Support offices and couriers can be found at:

Listed below are important considerations when planning your patient visits during the holidays.

  • Your courier service reserves the right to observe earlier than usual pick-up times during the holidays. Call your courier service for local pick-up schedules.
  • During the December/National holidays, schedule your pickups in advance of the holiday where possible
    .calendar reminder
  • Call early in the day to schedule your pickup.
  • When a holiday is observed on Monday, avoid laboratory collections on the preceding Saturday (i.e. Labor Day). (Not applicable to Japan)
  • Frozen specimens should NOT be shipped on the day before the observed holiday. Send frozen specimens on the next available business day. (Not applicable to Japan)
  • If shipping specimens on Friday, mark the air waybill for Saturday delivery. (Not applicable for Japan)
  • Specimens with short stabilities (eg. lymphocyte subsets, reticulocyte counts, etc.) should not be collected on the day prior to the holiday. (Not applicable to Japan)
  • For sites with 24 hours delivery time to Covance, do not schedule any shipment 24 hours before one of the dates on the next pages. (Not applicable for Japan)
  • For sites with 48 hours delivery time to Covance, do not schedule any shipment 48 hours before one of the dates on the next pages. (Not applicable for Japan)


Question of the Week:
Do I Order Reflex Testing?

Question of the weekA specific criteria needs to be met in order for reflex testing to be ordered. If the criterion is met, the testing happens automatically. If the criterion is not met, the testing is not performed.  A common example is the Beta hCG test.  If the answer to the administrative question “is female patient of childbearing potential?” is marked yes, the Beta hCG would reflex and the testing would be performed.  If the answer is marked as no, the testing would not be run since the criterion was not met.

Question of the Week:
Auto Resupply

Question of the weekSome studies, but not all, will have auto resupply.  In order to trigger this service, sites need to notify Covance when you have an expired or damaged kit.  It is important to keep your kit inventory updated in order to have auto resupply orders trigger properly. You can notify us about your kit inventory via the kit order website:  Please fill out the required fields and write the kit name and inventory number under the comments section.