Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 2 • 2011
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Please consider the following upcoming holidays in your region when scheduling patient visits:

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Cristina-GenevaMeet Cristina from our Geneva Switzerland Investigator Support Services team.

Cristina was selected to be the Spotlight for this edition of inSite as a result of her exceptional customer service and impeccable telephone etiquette. Cristina's focus on patient safety and customer satisfaction in her daily interaction with investigator sites make her one of our top performers in Investigator Support Services.

Cristina is from Romania and is fluent in French, Italian, English as well as Romanian.  [Learn more about Cristina]


Need CAP or CLIA certificate?

Covance Central Laboratory Services maintains a number of national laboratory certifications based on location.  Visit our Accreditations and Certifications page for printable PDF versions of our most recent global laboratory certifications.


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Blood Smear Prep

Blood Smear Prep

Having trouble making a good blood smear slide?  Covance would like to help.  View the short training video and the Important Tips included in this article for essential tips in preparing good blood smear slides.  Practicing your technique and patience are the keys to success.  [more]


Investigator Site FAQs

Study CoordinatorWe listened to your feedback from our last issue of inSITE and here are the answers to some of the top Frequently Asked Questions. Keep asking your questions by completing the Feedback section below and we will do our best to answer them in our next issue.

What is the difference between Minimum Blood Volume and Standard Blood Volume?  Minimum blood volume is the amount necessary for a single test. The minimum amount is insufficient for repeat analysis. Minimum volumes risk lost data points. Standard Blood Volume is the amount necessary for a complete test and a single repeat with the same sample as needed. Standard volumes reduce lost data points. [more]


Top Queries and Preventions

Top Queries and Preventions

1. Patient Identifiers
2. Date of Birth errors
3. Visit Out of Sequence
4. Administrative Questions

In this article, you will learn about what queries are, why they should be resolved as quickly as possible and how they can be prevented.  [more]


Logistics Corner

Covance Shipping BoxesBest Practices to Ensure Save Delivery of Samples to Covance Central Laboratory Services

Courier - Be aware of Covance dedicated phone numbers for couriers to schedule your Covance pick up. Use these numbers exclusively rather than local station numbers or online scheduling to take advantage of special services

Dry Ice - Use fresh pellet dry ice when shipping frozen samples. Pellet dry ice ultimately allows for the maximum weight of dry ice to be used, as it fills voids within the foam cooler better than chunk dry ice.

Packaging -  Use Covance supplied packaging. Covance is diligent in ensuring that our shipping materials adhere to regulatory requirements. Use of incorrect shipping materials places your samples at risk of being rejected or damaged in transit.  [more]