Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 3 • 2011
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Please consider the following upcoming holidays in your region when scheduling patient visits:

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Julie-AsiaPac Introducing Julie from our Singapore Site Support Services team.

Julie was nominated by her team to be our Asia-Pacific Spotlight for this edition of inSITE due to her vast knowledge, experience and leadership qualities. Julie has been with Covance over 11 years and has been instrumental in the start up and development of our Singapore Site Support Services operation.  [Learn more about Julie]

Email Communications

Have you noticed emails in your inbox from Covance CLS Communications over the past months?

Covance Central Laboratory is now utilizing email as a mass communication method to share important information with our investigator sites. These business communications could be information ranging from reminders regarding upcoming holidays, or providing you with updated laboratory certifications, or important Logistical information specifically for your region of the world.

Please do not “unsubscribe” or you will miss out on future important communications you might be interested in. Also, be sure if your email address changes, notify Covance to update our database so you are included in future communications.


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eLearning Module

Proper Specimen Identification Practices

Canceling patient samples is the last thing we want to see occur in your clinical trial. After all, a patient has traveled to your office, you have invested time in collecting and preparing the specimens, the specimen has been transported to the Central Lab, and your sponsor is anxious to receive the patient data. Ensuring the patient specimen is properly identified is of utmost importance for quality results and patient care. Errors in specimen labeling cause delays in reporting your patient results and in some cases require testing to be canceled. This creates missing data for the clinical trial or may result in re-drawing the patient. [more]

To learn more about avoiding lost data points due to errors in specimen identification, click on and review the short Covance eLearning Module on Proper Specimen Identification Practices above.  

On-Line Kit Ordering


Have you heard? You can now order your Covance collection kits and supplies using our on-line ordering process. To access the on-line kit ordering form, copy the web address below into your web browser. Be sure to add to your “favorites” for accessing later:


Once on the web page, be sure to select your "Region of the world" to access the correct form for your site location. Complete the form to submit your resupply request. Once your request has been submitted, you will receive an automated reply confirming your request was recieved, then an email with the work order reference number and expected delivery date upon processing. [more]

Investigator Site FAQs


What is the correct “Order of Draw” for samples?  The draw order is determined by your sample type and collection tube. When drawing blood from a patient, the trauma from an initial phlebotomy stick will release tissue thromboplastins that may be introduced into the tube. [more]

Why clots occur in Hematology and Coagulation lab specimens? There are many factors associated with clotting of specimens. Some are patient or phlebotomy related as well as handling and shipping factors.  [more]


Logistics Corner

Covance Shipping BoxesExperiencing Courier or Logistics Issues? Covance is here to help.

Covance Central Laboratory Services is committed to providing the highest quality logistics services to support clinical trials. Our Logistics Team contracts with various couriers to provide the most efficient process for shipping samples to our laboratory for your region. It is our expectation that you receive exceptional courier service, from the time you schedule a pick-up, to the time samples are successfully delivered to one of our global laboratories.

To that end, we would like to remind you of the resources available to support your study needs. [more]