Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 4 • 2011
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Please consider the following upcoming holidays in your region when scheduling patient visits:

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Web Resupply

On-Line Kit Ordering - Have you tried it yet?

Covance announced our new on-line kit ordering this summer. You can now order your kits and supplies at the following web address:

With on-line kit ordering, you receive an automated email confirming your request was received, then a follow up email with your reference number. Unlike a fax, the web resupply form allows Covance traceability of your request.

Sites that have tried it, are giving it rave reviews. “Covance continues to make resupply easier” and “I LOVE the online ordering!!” are just some of the comments we have received.

So give it a try the next time you need kits and be sure to add the web address to your “favorites” for future orders.


Linda Introducing Linda from our Indianapolis Site Support Services team.

Linda was chosen for this issue of inSITE due to the way she consistently demonstrates her dedication to our investigator sites. Linda is often seen going above and beyond to exceed her customer’s (our investigator sites) expectations. Linda began her career at Covance over 22 years ago, [More about Linda]


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Preventing Sample Hemolysis

Preventing Sample Hemolysis

Hemolysis, resulting in lost testing, can occur as a result of a difficult draw, phlebotomy procedures, or improper centrifugation procedures for plasma or serum samples at any time of the year. However, it is the time of year when we see an increase of hemolysis in samples which is weather related.

Keep in mind your samples are transported via trucks and planes in route to your regional Covance facility for testing and could be exposed to extreme temperatures on their journey.  Below are some tips in protecting your samples to help prevent hemolysis resulting in lost testing.

  • Confirm proper specimen condition needed for testing (refer to your Covance requisition or manual). Avoid freezing or refrigerating samples at your site that should be tested at Ambient temperature.
  • Always insulate your samples prior to shipment by using the Covance provided Gel Pak. REVIEW THE GEL PAK PREP VIDEO[more]

Consolidated Sample ShipmentsCovance Boxes

What are consolidated sample shipments you ask?  And why do I care?  Consolidating your sample shipments is a way to save you and your staff time by reducing the number of shipping cartons prepared for shipment to Covance. Your sponsor also benefits by reduced transportation cost for protocols.

Consolidating sample shipments is when you send more than one patient’s samples and/or samples for more than one sponsor's protocol within a single shipment. Covance makes it easy for you to do this by the design of our packaging and shipping materials.

Covance supplies packaging and shipping materials, including air waybills. These supplies are specific to Covance, your courier, and the sample shipment condition (ambient, refrigerated, or frozen). They are not specific to any particular study or protocol. [more]

Investigator Site FAQs

Open kit box

What if I do not have the proper visit collection kit at the time of my patient visit? 

If you find yourself in this situation, you may be able to substitute a different kit for your patient’s visit. There are certain steps to successfully substitute a kit. The most important step is to select the best kit for substitution. In most cases, the best kit choice for substitution is a Retest kit. [more]

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Logistics Corner

Covance Shipping BoxesProper Packaging is the Key to the Safe Delivery of your Samples

Follow these tips regarding packaging and shipment of your samples:

-Do not return sharps (i.e. needles, diff-safe devices) neither used nor unused to Covance. Leaving the diff-safe device intact in your hematology sample will cause your sample to leak in transit, resulting in lost data and additional risk for those processing the package. Returning sharps puts both the couriers and Covance staff at risk. Discard the sharps at your site in an approved Biohazard Waste Sharps Container. [more]