Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 5 • 2012
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Please consider the following upcoming holidays in your region when scheduling patient visits:

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Use of the insulating Gel Pak system should be used year round when shipping AMBIENT samples to Covance. The Gel Pak not only protects your sample from extreme COLD or HOT temperatures while in transit, it also provides extra cushioning to further protect those precious samples. 


ConchitaMeet Conchita from our Investigator Training Team. Our Global Investigator Training Center (ITC) provides training to Investigator Sites around the world. ITC creates study-specific training materials and delivers web and face-to-face training at study Investigator Meetings. If you have attended one of these Investigator Meetings over the past few years, it is possible you had the pleasure of meeting Conchita.   [More about Conchita]


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QuantiFERON eLearning 240

QuantiFERON® - TB Gold Testing

The QuantiFERON® -TB Gold test is a blood test that may be required in your protocol to determine if a person has been infected with the TB bacteria. QuantiFERON® -TB Gold is an interferon gamma release assay and measures how strong a person’s immune system reacts to the TB bacteria. QuantiFERON® -TB Gold requires a four step process performed at the investigator site. Performing these pre-analytical steps exactly as instructed is vital to obtaining quality results.

For important tips to successfully complete the process, view the short 
(10 minute) Covance eLearning Module with video which demonstrates the specific details required for the QuantiFERON® -TB Gold test.
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Why do laboratory results vary?


Ever wonder why lab results may vary from visit to visit for a particular patient or why your local lab results differ from those you receive from Covance for a patient? We asked our Medical Affairs department for some help in answering these questions.

All analytes assayed in the clinical laboratory have inherent variation due to:  [more]


Investigator Site FAQs


What does the Expiration Date printed on the outside of my collection kit refer to? 

Covance collection kits typically have an expiration date which is at least 6 months from the date the kit is assembled. The date printed on the outside of the Covance collection kit refers to the tube within the kit that has the shortest expiration date. There may be many other components within the kit which are not expired. What are your options if you have an expired kit? [more]

What is the allowable range for Freezer Temperature?  [more] 

Logistics Corner

Refrigerant Shipping BoxesPackaging and Shipping Refrigerated Samples

Does your study include refrigerated samples?  The following information is intended to remove any confusion that you may have regarding the correct steps to follow when preparing these refrigerated samples for shipment to Covance.

The keys to success for packaging and shipping your study’s refrigerated samples are: Close attention to detail AND Utilizing the correct materials. [more]