Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 6 • 2012
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Good News For North America Sites

Investigator Sites in North America may have noticed a change in the way they receive their Styrofoam Shipping Boxes. These boxes are now sent in a shipment separate from the collection kits. Therefore kits will no longer be packed inside the foam shippers as in the past. Ambient shipping boxes may still be sent in the same box along with the kits if ordered at the same time.


KatarzynaIntroducing Katarzyna from our Investigator Training Team. Our Global Investigator Training Center (ITC) provides training to Investigator Sites around the world. ITC creates study-specific training materials and delivers web and face-to-face training at study Investigator Meetings. If you have attended an Investigator Meeting in Europe in the past four years, you may have already met her. [More about Katarzyna]


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Behind The Scenes At Covance 

Kit Production Video

Part 1 – Global Automated Kit Production

Ever wonder what happens to your sample after Covance receives it, or how those wonderful visit-specific collection kits come together? We would like to give you a little peek “behind the scenes” of Covance Central Laboratory Services with a series of articles. 

Covance has embraced technology and built the largest, state of the art, automated kit production line of its kind. From our Indianapolis facility, collection kits are built and sent to sites all over the world. View the short video of a behind the scenes look at our Global Automated Kit Production line. 

Before kits can be built, a lot of work is done up front. 

Kit Start Up Supply and Resupply

Kits on round

Once a new study is loaded in the Covance database, we can begin kit shipments to sites. Read on to find out more about the Kit Supply and Resupply process. [Read more] about:

- Investigator Database
- Start Up Supply Shipments
- Automatic Kit Resupply Overview
- Monitoring Site Kit Inventory 


Investigator Site FAQs

Doc - nurse - PC

What if my site is not on automatic resupply or we need additional kits?

If your site does not have automatic kit resupply or should you need additional supplies, you can place a Resupply order via our on-line kit ordering system at http://www.covance.com/kitordering or by contacting your region’s Covance Investigator Support Team via telephone at the toll-free number for your country found in your Covance Central Laboratory Manual. [more]


Logistics Corner

Temp controlled labelStoring Temperature Controlled Bulk Supplies

If Covance provides either frozen or refrigerated bulk supplies for your study, we will ship the supplies to you in that same condition. It is imperative that these supplies be moved to a corresponding storage temperature as soon as possible upon receipt.     

Kit Storage Temperature Recommendations