Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 7 • 2012
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Please do not include confidential patient information or patient full names on the requisition or tubes sent to Covance. If you send Pathology Reports to Covance as part of your study, be sure to black out the patient name before sending.


LisaIntroducing Lisa, one of the Supervisors from our Global Kit Production Team, based at our Indianapolis facility. The Global Kit Production Team is responsible for building the customized collection kits for each study that are shipped to your site. Lisa was chosen as our spotlight for this issue due to her contributions and unwavering commitment to delivering operational and service excellence [More about Lisa]


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Behind The Scenes At Covance 

Laboratory Pre-Analytical Services (LPS)

Part 2 – Laboratory Pre-Analytical Services (LPS)

As Part 2 of our Behind the Scenes at Covance series, we wanted to highlight our Laboratory Pre-Analytical Services (LPS) area to share with you what happens to your specimens when they are received at Covance. LPS receives and processes all sample shipments and is responsible for registering and routing those samples to the appropriate area of the laboratory for testing.  View the short video of a behind the scenes look at our LPS specimen receipt area. 

As with the Kit Production area, Covance has also embraced the use of technology in our LPS area to help expedite the processing of the over 100,000 samples received per week at our Indianapolis facility. A chain of custody is vitally important when processing the volume of samples we receive.  

From LPS into the Lab...

Lab Tech

LPS is responsible for assuring all samples reach the laboratory for testing within stability. Automation plays a big part in allowing Covance to quickly process the samples received each day and get them quickly to the laboratory for testing. The ambient samples are processed using an automated container processing line. If needed, this line can process up to 3000 samples per hour. 

Once the ambient samples are registered into the Covance database, they are placed into a “puck” on the automated processing line. [more]   


Investigator Site FAQs

centrifuting tube

A set of the common questions received by the Covance Medical Affairs team relates to requests from investigator sites asking permission to deviate from the specimen collection instructions.

“Do I have to centrifuge at the speed indicated in the collection instructions?”  “Can I pipette the serum later in the day?”  “I don’t have a -20 degree freezer, what can I do?” 

Read on to see the responses from our Medical Affairs physicians.  [more] 


Logistics Corner

shipping boxesSample Shipments for EU Sites

Covance works closely with all of our couriers to provide the best logistical and customer service for our Investigator Sites shipping samples to Covance. Couriers and dry ice providers are determined at a country and site level to provide you the best service for your area.

Prior to the start of your study, Covance will provide via fax, a Courier Arrangement document informing your site whom the courier for your new study will be.   [more]