Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 10 • 2013
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AndreaIntroducing Andrea, one of our Senior Investigator Support Specialists from our Geneva, Switzerland Site Support Services Team. Andrea will soon be celebrating 15 years with Covance where he has held many different roles within the company. He has spent the last 10 years supporting our investigator sites.  [more about Andrea]


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Anatomic Pathology (AP) - Sample Identification

eLearning-anatomic pathology

Proper AP Sample Identification

Anatomic Pathology (AP) is the study of solid tissue, and is often a critical part of many protocols. Tissue samples are used in clinical trials in addition to the usual blood and urine samples. Examples of anatomic pathology samples Covance Central Laboratory Services (Covance CLS) receives for clinical trials are tissue from the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, endometrium, liver, skin, lung and bone marrow. [read more]   

Please review the eLearning on Anatomic Pathology Sample ID for tips in proper labeling to prevent common sample identification errors.  

More on Anatomic Pathology (AP)

paraffin block

AP vs. CP - What is the difference between Anatomic Pathology (AP) and Clinical Pathology (CP)?

 - Anatomic Pathology (AP) is the study of solid tissue. Most common samples received from clinical trials are tissue from the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, endometrium, liver, skin, lung and bone marrow.  

 - Clinical Pathology (CP) is the diagnosis of disease through analysis of body fluids. Most common sample types include whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, spinal fluid. If you can pour it, it’s probably for CP.

The most common AP sample ID errors seen at Covance CLS are... 



Investigator Site FAQs

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Can I view previous issues of inSITE I might have missed?

Can I ship my frozen samples to Covance CLS for Saturday delivery? 

What is the proper tube order of draw for sample collections?  

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Logistics Corner

gel pakDo Not Forget the Gel Pak!

Covance CLS would like to take this opportunity to remind our investigator sites of the importance of always using the Gel Pak provided in your collection kits when shipping your ambient samples.

The Gel Pak not only serves as extra cushioning for your samples during shipment, but also provides important insulation as well. Remember, extreme temperature variations are one of the causes of sample hemolysis in whole blood samples.  [more]