Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 11 • 2013
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LynnIntroducing Lynn, one of our Coordinators from the Singapore Investigator Support Team. Lynn, a native of Singapore, is fluent in both English and Mandarin. As part of our Investigator Support Team, she works directly with Investigator sites answering site questions, resolving queries, and phoning lab alerts.  [more about Lynn]


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The Requisition is the Key

eLearning-req completion eLearning

Sample collection is the critical first step toward achieving the combinable data your sponsor needs to support the efficacy and safety of the drug. To aid investigators in successfully obtaining the samples needed for the clinical trial, Covance Central Laboratory Services (Covance CLS) provides Study- and Visit-specific requisition forms within each collection kit. Unfortunately, many requisitions sent to us result in a query.

To avoid unnecessary queries and resulting delays, it is vitally important that requisitions submitted along with your patient samples are clear, consistent and complete. Covance CLS has developed this Requisition Completion Guide eLearning Module to aid investigator sites. Please take this opportunity to review the eLearning and [read more]    

Covance Central Laboratory Services Again Ranks # 1 in Global Investigator Satisfaction Survey


We are pleased to announce that clinical trial investigator sites such as yours have once again ranked Covance Central Laboratory Services first in an independent global survey performed by the Life Sciences Strategy Group (LSSG link).  


Forty-seven percent of the 258 study participants from around the globe named Covance's central laboratory services as their "most preferred" central laboratory, with investigators citing Covance as their preference more than twice as often as the nearest competitor.


Investigators also reported having the "best overall relationship" with Covance, rating it 8.4 on a scale of 1 to 10.  [read more]   



Investigator Site FAQs

inv faq 
“Why is the Calcium result low in my clinical trial specimen?”

The most common cause of low serum Calcium is due to contamination of the serum with EDTA in the specimen. The molecule EDTA is a chelating agent and trades its Potassium counter-ions for native Calcium ions in the patient specimen. There are two common ways this may occur. EDTA can be present in a specimen if the EDTA tube (as for the Hematology specimen) is drawn prior to the tube used for he Chemistry serum collection – even a tiny amount of EDTA remaining in the needle can bind native Calcium and decrease the analytic result.  [read more]


Logistics Corner


Packaging Ambient and Frozen Samples in one Combo Shipping Box

Some study visits require the shipment of both ambient and frozen samples on the day of collection. Rather than using separate shipping boxes, Covance CLS offers our Combo Shipping Box. The Combo shipper allows both ambient and frozen samples to be shipped to Covance CLS in a single shipping box by providing a section for ambient samples to travel on top of the styrofoam container containing the frozen samples. These sections of the shipper are divided by a cardboard spacer. Use of the Combo Shipping Box not only saves Investigator sites time, but saves your sponsor money by reducing the number of shipments. [read more]