Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 8 • 2013
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Often a clinical trial includes the need for an Informed Consent form to be signed by the study patient for specific testing, such as Genetic or DNA testing. If your study includes an Informed Consent form, please be sure to keep the signed form in your study records at your site. Informed Consent forms should not be sent to Covance CLS.


JenniferIntroducing Jennifer, Senior Coordinator from our Site Initiation and Kit Inventory Center. The Site Initiation Team is responsible for loading and maintaining all of the investigator site address information in the Covance database. The Kit Inventory Team is responsible for set up of the auto resupply system and processing all supply orders for our investigator sites. [More about Jennifer]


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Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

Covance ESR Instructional Video

ESR Testing Procedures

Some clinical trials call for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate testing, commonly known as ESR testing. As this procedure should be performed within 4 to 6 hours of sample collection, the ESR testing must be performed at the site. Covance Central Laboratory Services (Covance CLS) will provide ESR collection supplies and detailed ESR collection instructions. To assist sites in performing the ESR testing, Covance CLS has also developed a step by step instructional video.  [read more]     

Result flags used at Covance CLS


Covance Central Laboratory Services (Covance CLS) routinely provides safety test flagging for reference range based Low (L) and High (H) values, Low and High Telephone levels (LT and HT), Low and High Panic levels (LP and HP), and may provide change (Delta) flags. In these formats the flags resemble systems in use by nearly all laboratories today and are familiar and useful to medical staff at investigator sites.  [more]   


Investigator Site FAQs


How does Covance CLS determine the speed to centrifuge specimens?

Covance CLS recommends centrifugation of clinical trials specimens at 1500-2000 x g for 15 minutes*. This is based on CLSI recommendations and long experience as a clinical trials laboratory.
*Be aware that [g] gravitational force is not the same as [rpm] rotation per minute. You should determine the proper rpm for your specific centrifuge to obtain the recommended gravitational force. [more] 


Logistics Corner

ups logoPrinting UPS Shipping Labels via Web (US Sites)

Covance CLS is pleased to announce an enhancement for US-based Sites utilizing UPS Courier for sample shipments to our USA facility. Covance CLS and UPS have partnered to provide a new method for sites to obtain their UPS shipping labels using the covance.com website. Previously, Sites had to request the UPS shipping labels from Covance CLS and wait for their supply to be delivered. Sites can now create and print the Covance UPS Express Critical shipping labels on-demand via the web. [more]