Central Laboratory News for Investigator Sites eNewsletter • Issue 9 • 2013
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Please consider the following upcoming holidays in your region when scheduling patient visits:

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Do not send the following items back to Covance CLS with your samples:
-New or used needles
-Needle holders or pipettes
-Used draw tubes
-Unused tubes or vials
Please discard these items at your site to prevent staff injury or confusion upon receipt at Covance CLS.


KimIntroducing Kim, from our Site Communications Team based in Indianapolis. Kim was chosen as our spotlight for this Issue due to the dedication she displays each and every day in providing the best customer service possible to our investigator sites.

You might have had the opportunity to speak to Kim in the past, as she spent the first 10 of her 15 years at Covance CLS in our Investigator Support Services Call Center. 
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Routine Specimen Collection Procedures

eLearning-tube pics

Most clinical trials include some form of safety specimen testing. Covance Central Laboratory Services (Covance CLS) has developed this short instructional eLearning, including demonstration video clips on the more “Routine” specimen collection procedures. Please take a few mintues to review the attached eLearning module.

The module includes procedures for the following sample types:

Serum (Chemistry Panel)
Plasma (Coagulation Panel)
Whole Blood (Hematology & Differential Panel)
Urine (Urine Macro & Micro Panel and Urine Drug Screen)
[read more] 

Urine Bilirubin - Confirmatory Testing Unavailable

doc supplies

Covance CLS would like to make all investigator sites aware of a recent development regarding the testing and reporting of the Urinalysis panel results. We recently became aware of a situation that could have an impact on any investigator site globally requiring urinalysis testing for a patient.

Urine Bilirubin is one of the tests on the urine dipstick used by laboratories globally in performing the Urinalysis testing. When a positive result of Urine Bilirubin is indicated using the urine dipstick, Covance CLS routinely performs a confirmatory test using the more sensitive Ictotest assay. [more]   




Investigator Site FAQs

hematology tubeWhat are some of the most common test cancellations seen by Covance CLS and their causes?

In this article we will cover some of the most common cancellations and causes such as:
-Specimen received beyond stability
-Incorrect specimen type
-Clotted blood received
-Hemolysis [and more]  


Logistics Corner

frozen tubesPreparation of Frozen Samples for Shipments to Covance CLS

There are different ways to freeze your samples to ready them for shipment to Covance CLS. Read on to review the details regarding these methods and our recommendations. Methods covered in this article include:
-Standard Freezing
-Dry ice Freezing
-and our recommendations [more]