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  • Issue 1 - 2011 -New Minimum Draw Tubes (with Video), Covance History, 2011 IATA Regulation changes for EU sites
  • Issue 2 - 2011 -Blood Smear Prep (with Video), Inv Site FAQ/Minimum vs. Standard Blood Volume/Impact of Clots in Samples/Hemolysis in whole blood samples, Top Queries and Preventions, Logistics Shipping Best Practices 
  • Issue 3 - 2011 - Proper Specimen ID Practices (with eLearning), On-Line Kit Ordering, Inv Site FAQ/Order of Draw/Why Clots occur in Hematology and Coag samples, Covance Logistics is here to help
  • Issue 4 - 2011 - Preventing Sample Hemolysis (with Gel Pak Prep Video), Consolidated Sample Shipments, Inv Site FAQ/Kit Substitution/How to sign up for inSITE, Proper Packaging Key to Sample Delivery
  • Issue 5 - 2012 - Quantiferon TB Gold Testing (with eLearning), Why do lab results vary?, Inv Site FAQ/Kit Expiration date/Allowable Freezer Temp range, Packaging and Shipping Refrigerated Samples
  • Issue 6 - 2012 - Behind the Scenes at Covance/Kit Production (with video), Kit Start up Supply and Resupply, Inv Site FAQ/How to order supplies, Storing Temperature Controlled Bulk Supplies
  • Issue 7 - 2012 - Behind the Scenes at Covance/LPS-Kit Receipt (with video), From LPS into the Lab..., Inv Site FAQ, Sample Shipments for EU Sites
  • Issue 8 - 2013 - ESR Testing (with video), Reuslt flags used at Covance, Inv Site FAQ/Centrifugation of specimens, Printing UPS Shipping Lables for US Sites
  • Issue 9 - 2013 - Routine Specimen Collection Procedures (with eLearning), Urine Bilirubin Confirmatory testing, Inv Site FAQ/Common test cancellations and their causes, Preparation of Frozen Samples for Shipments
  • Issue 10 - 2013 - Anatomic Pathology Sample ID (with eLearning), AP vs. CP and common AP Sample ID Errors, Inv Site FAQ/Updated Order of Draw, Dont' forget the Gel Pak!
  • Issue 11 - 2013  - Requisition Completion Guide (with eLearning), Covance CLS Again Ranks #1 on LSSG Site Survey, Inv Site FAQ/Low Calcium result causes, Combo Shipping Process
  • Issue 12 - 2014  - Monovette Tube Best Practices (with eLearning), Geneva Lab earns ISO 15189 Accreditation, Fill Your Tubes!, Every Sample Counts -Packaging and Shipping tips